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Etoro minimum withdrawal

5. How to withdraw your funds from Etoro

Etoro minimum withdrawal. Dear All, Have you ever faced a withdrawal problem at Etoro? It's so much easier to deposit funds at Etoro, but it's really hard to withdraw funds from Etoro. I think Etoro must be a scam broker. I invested money (smal.

Etoro minimum withdrawal

Have you ever faced a withdrawal problem at Etoro? I think Etoro must be a scam broker. I invested money small amount at the Etoro even without a background check. Let me explain my problem to you. Last December 24th I withdrew funds from my trading account. I used the wire transfer method to withdraw money.

I never entered my debit card no when I was withdrawing money. I entered only my bank account no. I have emailed them regarding this matter.

There is no fund receiving facility in my debit card. They need to transfer funds into my personal bank account. I complained this to etoro customer support and I have sent all my bank statements proving that funds were not received. Still Etro is unable solving my problem. Just look at how careless they are. They don't even know what type of card I'm using and they didn't even confirm me that my funds are going transfer into my debit card instead of my bank account at the first place.

Have you ever faced a withdrawal problem at the Etoro, please suggest me how you solved it. However, sometimes I may be lucky.

My advice is to stay away from this scam, casino broker. Etoro is creating gamblers not professional traders. Any fool whether it's a profit or loss can copy another trader.

If he wins, we also win; if he loses, we also lose. Charts are extremely horrible and indicators are inaccurate. I just created a demo account at the FXCM. It is far better than the Etoro. FXCM is enriches with everything that a professional trader needs such as professional platform, excellent charts, accurate indicators, lower spreads, chart base trading and many more. Because I can move money from my debit cc account to any account I have in my bank.

So not a problem if someone deposits something on my debit cc, that money is there on that account tied with that cc card and I can always move it to another account via e-banking.. There are several reasons why you're payment could be delayed.

An example is your bank. Some of them for some reason take a huge delay. Better to contact the support team and see what they can find here. Their support team is so bad and completly incompetent it's not the first time i see peoples saying they've got troubles withdrawing their money.

I never use Etoro but I think that Etoro is right; where you transfer is where you withdrawal for security reason and it's a rule for my broker too. Anyway, you never lose the money, just like what miliardo said, just go to your bank and tell about it. What made you choose them? Also the Cyprus SEC is completely useless. I'd suggest you try to talk to your bank.

Maybe they have a solution. You can and should be able to withdraw the money to any account regardless of how you transferred. You just have to prove that its your account under your name. That's what the Anti Money Laundering legislation is all about. Finally, I got my money. Anyway, I'm not interested to trade with Etoro anymore. I opened a account at FXCM. It's way better than Etoro. Good to see it got sorted out.

Etoro is based in Cyprus. There's a reason for that. They have the most lax regulations in the EU. I'm still on demo accounts. I just want to know. Do you still have withdrawel issues?

I think that this is just an issue rather than a scam. Correct me if I'm wrong but Etoro has been around for a while already. Hi Theuns ,are you in South Africa? I am on FXCM and really like their trading station ,I upgraded to a micro and have found them most helpful. Etoro have been around for a while I never understand why people open broker accounts without checking reviews or asking first.

I'm busy with my second month on the demo and also watching a lot of videos and free internet courses on Forex. Yes I am from Cape Town! Been interested in trading for a couple years now! Upgraded to a micro account and managed to keep it for over a year! I work full time so it's been on and off! I would like to dedicate a good two months of solid trading so hopefully going to take some time off next year to trade and learn etc! My father mentioned it to me a while back, that I should have a look at Forex.

Well I took one glance at first and thought no ways not for me. After about 2 months I decided let me have a proper look and see what its all about. Well I got very interested and since then I study a lot and demo trade. I got to grade 7 in school of pipsology.

I decided to study other material instead as I want to use the school at a later stage as sort of a recap and then do the exams.

That was very educational. I put their method into practice the whole day. I have 9 closed positions so far and out of the 9 I have 8 profit takes and 1 loss. The loss was due to a mistake I made.

I forgot to tick the sell box. I quickly rectify my mistake and only lost 0. The webinar is a 4 part series. I can send you the link if you so required. Well worth the watch. I would really like to find out some info from you, if you don't mind. As you all ready crossed that hurdle. I think it would be easier that way as we are steering of the topic in this thread. I'm not sure what could have gone wrong, but it seems I haven't received the e-mail.

I might have deleted it by mistake, but delete folder also shows no e-mail. Sorry about that, could you please send again. Hi, I think the key to choosing a broker is by picking one that is regulated by a decent authority, I also looked at eToro because they seem to have some really innovative ideas about trading Forex but as soon as I saw they were regulated in Cyprus I steered well clear.

I am now using metatrader 4 provided by a broker called Silicon markets, who are FCA regulated and they seem to be atleast somewhat competent. I think the key to choosing a broker is to make sure they are regulated either in UK or US. Candlesticks, Chart Patterns, and Price Action. Dear All, Have you ever faced a withdrawal problem at Etoro? Are you in South Africa too? How long have you being trading now?

I am enjoying the school of pipsology! How did you get into trading? Hi Chip My father mentioned it to me a while back, that I should have a look at Forex. Hi Chip I'm not sure what could have gone wrong, but it seems I haven't received the e-mail. Hey i want to ask that how did you get your money back i'm facing the same problem.


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