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Forex news trading academy

What is The Forex News Trading Academy and Is Henry Liu A Scam

Forex news trading academy. Hello traders! Have you ever watched the forex market move after a large news event? Seen the spread double, triple, or widen even more, and watched the pair move over pips in a few short minutes? That is what happened earlier today. I am writing this article from beautiful Seattle, Washington, and.

Forex news trading academy

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As an ambitious Forex trader, I'm often seeking to strengthen my skills. The best way to do this is to study as much as I can from expert Forex traders. Since I have seen numerous Forex educational materials, what makes this course well worth doing an evaluation on?

First of all, Henry Liu is a full time, skilled Forex trader. Why would I would like to learn from somebody that is not trading Forex for a living? I'm not fascinated with trading " theories " which were cooked up in a boiler room somewhere.

I'd like to see trading techniques that pay my expenses. And let's face it, I have bills to pay for. I see so many Forex traders following the tips of people in blogs and forums.

There could be some profitable systems out there, but the possibilities heavily against you. Not forgetting the numerous scammers claiming to have the best Forex system in the world.

Would you want your surgeon to learn how to do your brain surgery on a blog? So why would you leave your financial future up to an equally unreliable source? Now you are maybe curious about why I chose to get this course. The primary reason is listed above; I needed to learn from a skilled Forex trader. I understand that probably this isn't the best reason to get a Forex training course, but the fact was that I did not have lots of cash right at that moment and there was nothing to lose.

If I did not like the training course, I could request a refund. How many Forex trading mentors provide a guarantee? As soon as I registered, I received my login and password to get into the members site.

The very first thing I recognized was that there were loads of training and previously recorded trading videos. This is important to me because I have an easier time learning ideas when I see them in action. I have a much harder time just reading about them. After going through the study course, the second thing I liked was that the program was very to the point, no extra fat. I have already been through Forex courses and books that try to teach you everything about Forex.

This program only educates what Henry trades, which is focused in Forex news trading; and I do think what Henry professes is that Fundamental news is what moves the Forex market, not some technical indicator. His fundamental trading technique is straightforward, however, like any strategy, it does take time and get the hang of it. The great part is that he trades all of the high impact news releases live in an online trade room.

Henry also analyzes the Forex market daily during the US Equity market open and issues daily trade recommendations. If you ask me, this one thing was definitely worth the monthly price of membership. When it is all said and done, I would highly recommend this program to any stage Forex trader. It's a wonderful place to start your Forex training as a beginner or continue your education if you're more skillful. Posted by Forex Learning Course at 1: Henry Liu , Henry Liu review.

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