Ozforex com au review. Foreign exchange and travel cards - a review of moneysoccerleague.com Market leading foreign exchange rates and 24 hour customer service, what's not to like? OFX is one of Australia's leading providers of foreign exchange services - it's their bread and butter. And if you're thinking about using the OzForex.

Ozforex com au review

OzForex - How to send money overseas

Ozforex com au review. I've recently stumbled upon Oz Forex, a site that apparently changes money and transfers it to a beneficiary you nominate for a low fee and at extremely favourable rates (see moneysoccerleague.com). The only catch is the transfer has to be above $, and a $

Ozforex com au review

Was this review helpful? Hi Sam, Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, we are sorry that your first experience with us did not live up to your expectations.

OFX send the exact amount of currency as per your transa I received more of the same noise from these people on Saturday. At this stage I can only conclude that they are thieves. If you send money to OFX and they steal it from you, don't be surprised. St Kilda W posted on Nov 19, Hi, and thank you for taking the time to provide feedback.

We are sorry that you have not had a positive experience with us. I'm sorry, what funds have been allocated? You have sent a private message via this forum to attempt me to back down from my comments and I have declined to respond. St Kilda W posted on Nov 21, Hi Hassam, Thank you for sending through your details and for your time on the phone.

As discussed, because we paid USD for you outside of the United States the payment was subject to intermediar Hi Deema, Thank you for taking the time to write a review and provide valuable feedback. I sent all that OFX asked. I wrote to Customer service. This is what they wrote to me: Deema posted on Oct 11, Can somebody please write me where I can give a complaint about such attitude to their customers from OFX? Hi and thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. We are disappointed that you have not had a positive experience with us.

As unfortunate as it may be, a delay may incur when we are provide As stated previously, the exact wiring information was given to Wells Fargo in a transact Got screwed posted on Oct 03, Hi Frank, Thanks for getting in touch. We pride ourselves on providing high levels of customer service, so we were really sorry to hear that your transaction didn't go smoothly. Hi Bruce, Thank you for reaching out and apologies for the unsatisfactory experience.

So we can ensure your problem is being resolved, could we please request that you send us your details to ma Thank you for recommending us, Macca!

We appreciate it, and we're glad to hear that we've been able to offer you a better deal. Kind regards, The OFX team. Hi Muzza, We strive to provide a smooth customer experience and regret to hear of your dissatisfaction. Protecting our customers from fraud and acting in accordance with anti-money laundering oblig Thanks for taking the time to review us. We appreciate your feedback and are happy to be of service! Best regards, The OFX team. Thank you for the 5 stars Lee! It's great to hear from a long-term customer.

Hi Dawa, Thank you for the wonderful review! We're glad to hear that you enjoy our service and we hope you stay with us for a long time. Hi Askin, Thank you for taking the time to write us a review, we value your feedback. We're sorry to hear that your first experience fell short of our usual high levels of service. Hi Big daddy, We're sorry to hear about your experience.

We take security very seriously here at OFX and have an awarded fraud team who are experts in detecting and combatting cyber threats. Hi Valerio, Thank you for contacting us. A representative form our team will reach out to you directly.

Obviously you are not aware that we have been dealing with multiple representatives from your team during this last terrible month. Valerio Bernabo posted on Jul 07, Hi bricktop, I'm sorry to hear that your having issues with your password. Could you please send an email to customer.

Our customer service team will sort this out for you. Best regards, Cecilia - OFX. OFX replied on Jul 25, P C asked on Jul 15, Hi P C, Thank you for your question! Registering an account with us is free and once logged in you'll be able to see the exact customer rate you will be receiving, including any fees. You can register at ofx. OFX replied on Jul 18, Michael asked on Jun 15, Hi Michael, Thanks for your question! As OFX works within a highly-regulated industry, we must adhere to certain requirements set out by our regulators and we are unfortunately not able to service clients in Japan and Singapore.

OFX replied on Jun 16, Write a review Ask a question. Your trust is our top concern. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. Verified Customer Professional and helpful service - great rate. The consultants were very helpful and despite being a little dubious myself - there is real trust element in these transactions - it went through smoothly.

The rate was excellent and I don't know why anyone would use one of the banks. I compared all of them and their rates are dreadful. They are creaming it for doing virtually nothing. It may have been a bit easier to go through a bank but it would have cost thousands of dollars more for the convenience.

It was definitely worth the extra effort to use these guys - I've done 3 transactions and they've all gone well. They made numerous mistakes along the way which slowed the whole process. Write a review on ProductReview. OFX staff were friendly. OFX Official Hi Sam, Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, we are sorry that your first experience with us did not live up to your expectations. Transaction completed by me on Monday and still not processed by Friday!

I set up a transaction to send an amount to a friend overseas that needed the funds quickly. I followed up on Tuesday as I hadn't received a confirmation and got a useless response telling me that funds hadn't been received and not asking me for any further detail.

I then received a message from a different person asking for information about my transaction, because they 'couldn't locate' my funds. I replied with information about the transaction and continued to get system messages telling me that I hadn't sent funds.

I then received another message from the same person that I had already provided information to. They clearly hadn't read the first message I sent. And received more automated requests in response. The amount is highly unlikely to be duplicated and I received yet another request for information regarding my transaction.

This one is worded like they clearly see my funds and just want to play games with me. What a crap service! Stay away from OFX! OFX Official Hi, and thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. I have never used this sort of service before, but OFX made it all easy. It was easy to set up an account online, then a consultant rang me to explain how things work, then an email to explain the process.

I was contacted when my funds were cleared and contacted when the transaction was going through and contacted again when the money was deposited at the other end. Exchange rate was good and no transaction fees was a bonus. Verified Customer Worst experience ever. Not worth sending the money in the first place. Go to money transfer services where they exactly tell how much the recipient will get.

Verified Customer Feel myself totally disappointed. When I went from Canada to Ukraine for some time and tried to transfer money from my bank account in Canada to my bank account in Ukraine they began to ignore me not looking on the fact that I provided all proofing documents!


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