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Webmoney com

how to create webmoney account

Webmoney com. Log In. Registration. 1. Your mobile number; 2. Your personal details; 3. Mobile phone verification; 4. Create a password. Registration code has been sent to E-mail address that was indicated during registration. Please, enter the code in the appropriate field and click «Next». Enter the email verification code. Also available.

Webmoney com

WebMoney is an online payment method that allows you to transact with other WebMoney users and merchants. You can simply purchase a WebMoney prepaid card and deposit instantly. During registration you will have to provide and confirm your personal information. WebMoney transfer has a unique verification system where each user has a WebMoney passport, a digital certificate based on the personal data provided by a WebMoney member.

You can fund your WebMoney account via bank transfer, postal order, in cash at ATMs and kiosks, prepaid cards, exchange offices and exchanging from other payment systems. Click here for further details on funding WebMoney accounts.

We do not charge you any fees when you deposit using WebMoney. However, WebMoney will charge a 0. For further information on WebMoney fees please visit: WebMoney is available as a withdrawal option. However, you can only withdraw to the WebMoney ID that you have made a successful deposit with within the last six months.

Yes, WebMoney is totally secure. Through a combination of transaction monitoring, SMS transaction verification for cardholders and a dedicated anti-fraud team, WebMoney is an entirely safe online payment method. The minimum withdrawal amount is You can make WM unit transfers instantly.

WebMoney technology reduces the possibility of loss of funds due to errors such as a faulty Internet connection. What do I need to do to use WebMoney? How do I fund my WebMoney Account? How do I fund my account using WebMoney? Are there any transaction fees associated with WebMoney deposits? Can I withdraw to my WebMoney account? How do I withdraw to WebMoney? How long does it take to receive the money transferred into my account?

Is it safe to use WebMoney? What is the minimum and maximum amount I can withdraw using WebMoney? How long does it take to transfer WM units? Can a partner transfer money from his or her bank account to my WM purse? Is there a reason why I cannot deposit with WebMoney in my account currency?

Please follow the steps below: Log in to your account. Go to the 'Cashier' tab and select 'Deposit'. You will now see the WebMoney logo. To select this deposit option simply click on the icon. Enter or select your deposit amount and bonus code if applicable , then click on 'Deposit'. You will now be redirected to WebMoney. Download the WebMoney Keeper, if needed. You will then see your deposit details confirmed. Select your preferred WebMoney payment method from the menu According to the payment method selected, please follow the on-screen instructions to complete you deposit Once you have confirmed the transaction you will be directed back to the cashier.

Log in to your Account Go to the cashier and select 'Withdrawal'. You will now see the WebMoney logo, to select this withdrawal option simply click on the icon. Enter the amount you would like to withdraw and then click 'Withdrawal' Provided you have sufficient funds for the withdrawal, you will be displayed a 'Successful withdrawal' confirmation message.

Funds will be credited to your WebMoney account within 24 hours after approval. Only the account holder can add funds to his or her purse. You may use only one WebMoney ID per account.


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